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1990 ~ 1999

1999.10  Received Presidential Award of New Technology & Practice for 600D GC from Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy

1999.10  Award of Advanced Technology from Korea Chemical Society

1998.12  Awarded EM (Excellent Machine, Material & Mechanism) Mark 600D GC

1998.04  Launched aqua-MAX Basic Laboratory Water Purification System

1997.07  Launched 925 HPLC Isocratic Solvent Delivery Pump

1997.04  Awarded KT Mark and Jang Young-Sil Award for EMS 200 ICP-MS

1996.02  Launched Autochro-GPC Chromatography Data System

1996.01  Launched Autochro-WIN Chromatography Data System

1995.12  Launched D9200 Gel Permeation Chromatograph(GPC)

1995.12  Launched 930 HPLC Solvent Delivery Pump

1995.10  Launched 2nd generation 600D GC

1993.10  Launched EMS 200 ICP-MS

1993.10  Launched Autochro-PC Chromatography Data System

1993.07  Launched 680D Gas Chromatograph

1992.10  Established Young Lin Instrument Co., Ltd., separated from Young In Scientific Co., Ltd.

1991.06  Launched 680A Gas Chromatograph